Tough competition in beach volleyball league

The CIVF Sunday beach volleyball league continues to pick up steam after three weeks of action on the sand at Public Beach.

In the A Division, Balls in Yo Face and Friends Circle faced off yet again to determine who would emerge victorious in another series of best of five matches. For the second week in a row Balls in Yo Face demolished Friends circle with a 3-0 record (21-14, 21-12, 21-8). Here’s hoping that Friends Circle bring their A game going into week four.

With the caliber of teams increasing week to week due to the weekly promotions and relegations, it was no surprise that the B Division was filled with long rallies and close games.  During regular pool play it became apparent that the teams were evenly matched this week, as five teams finished with a record of 2-1.

Of those five teams Just Da Tip, Sandy’s Angels, CIS, and I’d Tap That went onto the semifinals, but when it boiled down to point differential Notorious DIG found themselves in the bottom four. In the semifinals, Just Da Tip thrashed Sandy’s Angels 21-10, while CIS were defeated by I’d Tap That 21-14.

In the finals, it was déjà vu as Just Da Tip beat I’d Tap That Tap 21-18, just as they had done earlier in the day. CIS fought the good fight in their first appearance in B league, as they managed to take 3rd place narrowly defeating Sandy’s Angels 21-18. With five consecutive losses, and a disappointing performance due to injured players being out, Unprotected Sets will be demoted to the C league.

In the C league, there was a huge discrepancy among the teams’ performances. For instance, Poppin’ Volleys emerged untouched from regular pool play with a 3-0 record, which secured their spot in the semifinals. That Ace though, Is it In, and Easy Tigers went on to join Poppin’ Volleys as the top four teams.

In the semis, Poppin’ Volleys continued their rampage destroying That Ace Though 21-12, meanwhile Is it In just barely made it to the finals with their 21-19 victory over Easy Tigers. Going into the Division C finals as favorites, Poppin’ Volleys, annihilated Is It In 21-9 and were soon poppin’ cans of Corona to celebrate their promotion into the B Division.


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