Two years and counting

It’s been two years to the day since the Cayman Sports Buzz website has been live. It was launched during the 2016 Summer Olympics after a bit of ground work.

I still remember writing a story and posting it to drafts when Lara Butler set a new national record in Rio. I waited for regular media outlets to post the story. Half an hour later, my wife asked “If not now, when?” as she urged me to make the site live. It was still a work in progress and I wanted to perfect it. Then I thought of the Mark Twain quote “Continuous improvement beats delayed perfection” and so came the launch of Cayman Sports Buzz.

In the 24 months since then, I’ve been blessed to witness so many inspiring athletes, many of whom have been featured on the site. Some have a drive to be great, others do it just for fun but if it were not for them, there’d be no Cayman Sports Buzz.

It’s been only two years but sometimes in life, it’s the smallest of achievements that ought to be celebrated. The past two years have been tough but rewarding – I’ve covered so many sporting events locally and abroad and witnessed exploits of the highest order on the field, court, water, road, and track.

So, celebrating two years in existence is not about Cayman Sports Buzz but about the opportunity to witness local athletes and their amazing and inspiring performances.

Here’s to you, Cayman athletes! Because of you, we’ll keep buzzin’.

A massive thanks to those who continue clicking on the site and sharing on social media. Words can’t describe what your support has meant.


Ben Meade

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