UPDATE: Talks underway to end referees strike

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As the football referees continue to withdraw their services, talks were reportedly ongoing Tuesday, 11 April to resolve the situation.

Cayman Island Football Association (CIFA) President Lee Ramoon told CaymanSportsBuzz.com that a meeting was planned with the Referees Committee towards an amicable solution.

The match officials “became unavailable” in light of an incident at the end of the Men’s FA Cup first round match at the Ed Bush Sports Complex between Future SC and Alliance FC on 8 April, in which one of the officials, Marlon Johnson, was allegedly attacked by Alliance head coach William Medina. There remain conflicting reports about who initiated the incident.

“Referees have withdrawn their services until the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) takes action to quell the violence enacted towards referees,” the Cayman Islands Referee Association explained on Monday.

The referees say there have been more than five reported incidents involving physical attacks and discrimination. They add that this figure does not include other unreported verbal incidents.

Mr Ramoon declined to comment further on Tuesday, pending the outcome of the talks. “After such, we will be in a position to give an update on the way forward,” he told CaymanSportsBuzz.com, indicating this would come on Wednesday.

Youth league matches scheduled for Wednesday had not been postponed up to Tuesday evening but would be in jeopardy if a solution is not reached.

Several clubs scheduled to play their first-round games on Sunday turned up to the Annex and Ed Bush field for their games and were disappointed they were unable to play.

The issue of officiating in the local game has been a talking point in recent years. There has been constant criticism of the officials to the point of threats against them coming from players on the field, team benches and even from spectators.

In April 2016, police confirmed a call was received by the 911 Communications Centre after a referee was attacked by players who returned to the field after being sent off.

Reports last year suggested a strike was on the cards but that never materialised until this point.

Read original story here: www.caymansportsbuzz.com/football-referees-on-strike-fa-cup-matches-postponed/


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