Vipers strike, while Panthers roar on

Jordan Cacho led the charge for Panthers

As the season charges on, the 2017 Cayman Islands Flag Football Association’s Men’s and Women’s Premier League picks up the intensity.

The first contest of the day on 22 July was between the reigning women’s champions, HSM Vipers, and Red Stripe Wolverines. HSM Vipers currently have the most points in the league, thanks to seamless executions on both offense and defence.

Alicia Dixon

Jen Choice scored the first touchdown of the day. While the Vipers are known for earning major leads early, the Wolverines’ defence prevented them from scoring again in the first half of the game thanks to pressure from rushers Arissa McField and Maya Grant. The Vipers came back strong in the second half with an interception by Choice. Alicia Dixon later went on to intercept the Wolverines’ ball to score a touchdown as well. HSM Vipers won 26-0.

In the men’s league, Burger King Panthers kept their winning streak going with a victory over Maples. Jordan Cacho earned the first six points of the day with a 20-yard dash to the goal line, which was quickly supplemented by his teammate John Pump. Maples was able to put points on the board with touchdowns from Stephen Mitzel and Larue Nixon. Cacho scored again with an amazing catch to end the game, which ended 26-12.

Courtisha Ebanks

The third game of the day was a women’s league fixture. Maples Jaguars took on Tribe Tattoo Lady Sharks and fought until the end despite not being able to put points on the board. Rookies Khadijah Chisholm and Brittni Ebanks were able to intercept two attempts by Sharks’ veteran quarterback Bobeth O’Garro during the 40-minute match-up. However, the Sharks’ strongest defender, Courtisha Ebanks, controlled the midfield for the entire game, making several tackles and grabbing two interceptions. The offense was able to keep momentum going, with Scimone Chin scoring two touchdowns for the Sharks to win the game.

Long-time rivals Kensington Hellcats and Island Heritage Predators met up for a highly anticipated game. With the talent on both teams being extraordinary, it was a defensive game from start to finish. Peter Whittaker intercepted the ball for the Predators but the Hellcats retaliated with an interception by rookie Austin Jones. Both teams made attempts to score throughout the game but it was Baron Solomon who scored the Predators’ only touchdown of the day to result in 7 – 0 victory.

The final game of the day was between the Subway Lady Predators and The Greenhouse Lynx. The Lady Predators’ defence continues to strengthen thanks to Angelica McField and Shakira Davis who made it difficult for the Lynx offense to score for the first half of the game. However, the Lynx defence was able to keep the score neutral by sending Yasmin James, Sashana Lawrence-Wilks and Bernadette Beckles to pressure Lady Predators offense. Halfway through the second half Marleena Smith of the Lynx scored with her signature breakaway down the sideline to secure a lead for her team, with the game ending 6-0.  The Lynx offense, led by quarterback, Erica Bosch, ranks second in the Premier League.

Monday Night Football brought the Kensington Hellcats back to face the MaplesFS Knights. Knights quarterback Tyler Harvey performed well between throwing the ball and scrambling down field to achieve downs for his team. Hellcats’ seasoned defence was able to achieve stops on the Knights with notable tackles by Jamal Andersen. Rookie running back Abdul Patterson made great advances with the ball but it was Nigel Solomon from the Hellcats with two touchdowns that ensured that his team would win the game in the end.

The Greenhouse Lynx celebrated their fifth win Monday evening after their game against Tribe Tattoo Lady Sharks. Quarterback Erica Bosch had ample time to move the ball with help from her offensive line of Yasmin James, Carla Martin and Bernadette Beckles. Even with strong support, the Lynx still had to contend with Courtisha Ebanks’ effective tackling, which prevented them from scoring in the first half. Notable deflections by Scimone Chin also prevented the Lynx from completing initial attempts to score. The draw was broken when Marleena Smith completed another run, bringing her team to victory with 6-0 finish for the fourth consecutive time.

Here’s the schedule for this weekend’s games at the Annex:

1:30 p.m. – Subway Lady Predators vs. Red Stripe Wolverines
2: 30 p.m. – Kensington Hellcats vs. Maples
3.30 p.m. – The Greenhouse Lynx vs. Maples Jaguars
4.30 p.m. – HSM Vipers vs. Tribe Tattoo Lady Sharks
5.30 p.m. – Island Heritage Predators vs. Maples Knights

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