West Bay wins Clash of the Legends series

Players from both squads pose with the trophy.

West Bay veteran footballers defeated their rivals from George Town to win the Clash of the Legends series Monday, 23 January.

The teams played in the finals of the community tournament organised by Hope Foundation after earlier beating East End and Bodden Town.

A controversial late goal by Ivan Ebanks sealed the deal for West Bay, who avenged an earlier loss to the old boys from the capital.

Much to the delight of the home crowd at the Ed Bush Sports Complex, West Bay took the lead in the 36th minute compliments a strike from Shaun Ebanks.

The hosts took a 1-0 lead into the halftime interval.

Shaun Ebanks scored the first goal.

Joseph Wright equalised for George Town in the 68th minute. The visitors nearly took the lead 10 minutes later but it was unfortunate for Ken Downey when he hit the post.

As the match neared full time, Ivan Ebanks Jr slipped behind the George Town defence and easily found the back of the net much to the protestations of the visitors, who were adamant he was offside. The goal stood and was the final play of the match, as West Bay won 2-1 to take the Marcus Cumber Trophy.

George Town will be presented with the McKeeva Bush Shield as runners-up but were immediately clamouring for a rematch.

West Bay’s goalkeeper Bruce Ebanks was brilliant on the evening, making quality saves that men half his age would be delighted to make. He was the star of the show and was named as his side’s player of the game. Neil Murray was named George Town’s player of the game for his solid play in defence.

Anthony Smith was another solid performer of the day for West Bay’s back line but one of the more memorable moments came when his Scholars International colleague Colin ‘Dougie’ Rowe showcased impressive footwork and ball skills to leave Arden ‘Cheeky’ Rivers flat on the turf as he tried to deny Rowe’s efforts to attack.

Regardless of the outcome, a fun time was had by those who suited up and a few faithful fans who turned up.

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