Wilkinson’s tennis dreams ‘closer’ at IMG Academy

Jade Wilkinson has won several trophies as a junior tennis player in the Cayman Islands.

For years, Jade Wilkinson has had her eyes set on playing collegiate tennis in the United States. That resolve has only been strengthened since joining IMG Academy in Florida earlier this year.

The 17-year-old is benefitting from top training at the prestigious facility in Bradenton, Florida.

“I still want to play college tennis, Island Games, and Olympics at some point. That’s still my goal…it just seems more possible that it can happen. My goals haven’t really changed. They seem a little closer now,” she said in an interview with CaymanSportsBuzz.com during the summer break.

The former Cayman Prep and High School student, who has racked up several local trophies over the years, said it’s not just the technical side of her game that has benefitted from the move. “My favourite is probably the mental feedback that I get, like how to think on court is really important,” she said. “I’ve learned to be a bit more positive on court, a bit more patient.”

Wilkinson spoke to CaymanSportsBuzz.com about her IMG experience in the video below:

She is a Dart Scholar and funds provided from that initiative have helped her cover her costs at IMG Academy. However, Wilkinson and her family welcome any other support as she works toward her dreams. Donations can be made via a GoFundMe page that has been set up.




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