Young boxers gain valuable experience in Guyana

Charlie Nixon proudly wrapped himself in the Cayman flag on the podium.

Teenage boxers Deshane Vousden and Charlie Nixon picked up more than the silver medals that they wore proudly around their necks at the end of the 4th Annual Caribbean Schoolboys and Junior Boxing Tournament in Guyana last weekend. More importantly, both picked up valuable experience that should help them as they develop their craft in the ring.

Both ended up fighting once and getting losses on their debuts, but Cayman Islands Boxing Association coach/trainer Floyd Trumpet walked away looking at the bigger picture. “This competition was needed for development, he said. “The experience was not only in the ring but how to conduct oneself in a competition week.”

Vousden took away a lot from his debut

Vousden, 15, reflected on his first bout representing the Cayman Islands in the super heavyweight division. “The fight was good. I tried my best [but] next time I’ll do better. I learned from certain mistakes I made. I want to go back home and train hard and come back again and try,” he said.

Nixon, 16, had similar sentiments after his outing as a junior welterweight. “The experience, being able to come out here and being given the chance to represent Cayman was great. I can’t wait for next time to come, do better and make us proud.”

Charlie Nixon (L) and Deshane Vousden.

Trumpet said the biggest challenge coming from a small place like Cayman is facing opponents at an international level who are able to establish much greater records as competition is more frequently available with suitable opponents. 

“What we need is to continue to build our local team in order to have more regular local competition. Otherwise, we will always be making our debut vs boxer with lots more experience than us,” he said.

However, he was confident that both boxers are now better aware of what is needed to be competitive at the Caribbean level.

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