New volleyball board ready to serve

Volleyball players, coaches, and supporters flocked to the gym at First Baptist Church on Wednesday, 21 February to attend the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation annual general meeting.

With a four-year term coming to an end, President Kennedy McGowan took this opportunity to reflect back on the integral contributions of the board members and highlighted the impact CIVF had to help grow the sport in Cayman.

He concluded saying that during the last term of his presidency “much work was done on creating structure and building a solid platform for sustainable programs.”

The results of the election announced the newly appointed board would consist of the following members: Kennedy McGowan (President), Troy Allyene (Vice President), Cindy Joe (Secretary), Javid Ali (Technical Director), Kevin Solomon (Treasurer), Heather Thompson (Public Relations), and Jennifer Strangeway (Extraordinary Member).

The newly elected members are no strangers to the game, as many of them have been assisting behind the scenes for many years. Their involvement in volleyball varies from person to person, but their unique experiences as coaches, players, and parents will allow them to have an objective approach as a board.

CIVF is now comprised of members belonging to three out of the four affiliated volleyball clubs, which will allow for ongoing communication and collaboration amongst all the clubs.

Under the guidance of an experienced President the new board is expected to continue building on the hard work of their predecessors.

McGowan explained that the best is yet to come as we “will see a continued focus on youth development, volleyball at school, hosting and development of national teams with the aim of achieving higher rankings at the international level.”

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