Adult equestrians tie for top honours

Eve van den Bol and Milly Serpell (Photo by: Joanna Humphries)

Equestrians competed this past weekend at the Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation’s (CIEF) second National Dressage Show of the season. Judging for the third time in the past three years was USEF Senior Judge, Cindy Canace of Blairstown, New Jersey, whom the CIEF brought in for the event.

Conditions were extremely windy which gave some competitors trouble as a few horses were unnerved by the weather. Overall, however, most riders posted excellent scores and there was a tie for the adult high point winner.

Milly Serpell, riding her horse, Sunday’s Edition, and Eve van den Bol, riding her horse, Whindlass, earned the same total score at Training Level Test 3. Even after the rules were applied, which use collective marks and riders position to break ties, the two remained evenly placed. This is the first time in CIEF history that a tie has occurred for high point winner.

“It was great to share the award with Milly, as we frequently train together. We were both able to produce great rides, even through our horses are complete opposites,” said van den Bol.

Melody Allenger on It’s a Secret

Jardae Barnes won the junior high point award riding Austin, and in her first CIEF show ever, Melody Allenger won the Introductory B test riding It’s a Secret with an excellent score of 68.125%.

The CIEF is the national governing body for equestrian sport in the Cayman Islands, and is a member of the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), the Pan American Equestrian Confederation (PAEC), the Caribbean Equestrian Association (CEA) and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee (CIOC). Its mission is to grow equestrian sport in the Cayman Islands and to support its elite equestrian athletes in their quest to represent the Cayman Islands in international sporting events.

The next horse show sponsored by the CIEF will be National Jumping Series #2 at the Equestrian Center located on the Linford Pearson Highway on 28 January starting at 8:00 a.m. Spectators are welcome and admission is free. For more information about the CIEF, please visit their website at

Amber McMillan on Joe

Winners of each class in decreasing order of difficulty were:

Fourth Level Test 1 Jessica McTaggart-Giuzio riding Loris 7

Second Level Test 3 Anja van Genderen riding Joey

Second Level Test 1 Anja van Genderen riding Joey

First Level Test 3 – Adult Sydney Crowley riding Calidad

Abbey Swartz on Blue Ridge Dream On

First Level Test 3 – Junior Abbey Swartz riding Blue Ridge Dream On

First Level Test 2 – Junior Abbey Swartz riding Blue Ridge Dream On

First Level Test 1 – Junior Kayla Mannisto riding Me and My Shadow

Training Level Test 3 – Adult Milly Serpell riding Sunday’s Edition (Tie)

Eve van den Bol riding Whindlass (Tie)

Training Level Test 3 – Junior Lara Humphries riding Storm

Training Level Test 1 – Adult Amber McMillan riding Joe

Training Level Test 1 – Junior Jardae Barnes riding Austin

USDF Introductory C Test – Junior Megan Duval riding Lilly

USDF Introductory B Test – Junior Melody Allenger riding It’s a Secret

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