Long jumpers set new marks but miss podium

Anissa Owen finished 5th in the long jump.

Anissa Owen and Aijah Lewis were finalists in the women’s long jump at the XVIII NatWest International Island Games in Gibraltar on 7 July, with both having their best performances of the season.

Owen finished fifth with a best leap of 5.69 metres, which would have broken the Cayman Islands national record of 5.66 metres she set in May had it not been for a +4.10 m/s tailwind behind her at the Lathbury Sports Complex.

Kart Ounapouu of the Estonian island of Saaremaa won gold with 6.19 metres, which would have been a Games record had it not been for the +3.7 m/s wind at her back.

“It was a pretty decent competition. I was in third place for five rounds but in the final round the other girls overtook me. All in all, it was a good competition,” Owen said.

Aijah Lewis was pleased with her performance

Meantime, Lewis finished in a three-way tie for eighth with a top distance of 5.34 metres, her season’s best.

“I gave it my all and it got my season’s best, so I’m happy with my performance,” Lewis said, noting the tricky weather conditions at the newly-constructed venue. “Even though the weather was back and forth, I still tried to put out my all.”

Owen also made note of the weather. “It was a bit chilly then it got hot,” she said, adding “[it was] a bit on and off but bearable.”

Anissa Owen
Aijah Lewis

Both are set to compete in the women’s 4x100m relay with the heats set for Tuesday evening. Lewis is also down for the high jump on Wednesday. She won a bronze medal in that event two years ago in Gotland, Sweden.

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