Champions crowned for 2017 PwC circuit

Jake Fagan, Jakub Neveril and Jade Wilkinson pose with their year-end rewards. (Photo by Martin Wilkinson)

Jake Fagan, Jakub Neveril and Jade Wilkinson held on to their positions atop the rankings, as the 2017 PwC Junior Circuit came to a close. However, Neveril was the only one in that trio to end the year on a winning note.

The Cayman Islands Tennis Club (CITC) hosted the finale, the PwC Junior Circuit Masters Tennis Tournament from 17-18 November. This prestigious tournament saw only the top eight ranked juniors in each age group invited to participate.

According to reports, all the players competed very well and all showed a great deal of sportsmanship throughout the tournament. The Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands, as well as the Tournament Director, Rob Seward, was very impressed with the level of play and the competitiveness of all the juniors that participated.  All of the juniors should feel proud of their commitment to the sport.

In the under 10’s division the final was played between Ben Priaulx and Phin Ellison.  The match went back and forth in a competitive final with Ellison winning 6-3, 6-3 in a tough two set match. This was a repeat win for Ellison in a final. Priaulx, a newcomer to the finals, showed great improvement, as he has worked hard on his tennis throughout the year.

The 14 and under division had another repeat final from earlier PwC tournaments.  Jakub Neveril won yet another consecutive final against Alex Priestley.  Neveril dominated the year in the under 14 division without losing a match for the entire PwC series.  After the final, Neveril thanked his parents and coaches for their support and then hinted that he might make the decision to move up and become the youngest in the 18 and under division next year.

Jakub Neveril went undefeated in 2017. (Photo by Martin Wilkinson)

The 18 and under division witnessed an epic final with Jake Booker defeating Lauren Fullerton 6-3, 6-2. This was the first time that these two were able to meet in the finals as the number one seed, Jade Wilkinson, lost to Lauren in the semi-finals on Friday having to retire from the match due an injury to her hand.

Year-end awards:

Jake Fagan – No. 1 ranked for 10& Under
Jakub Neveril – No. 1 ranked for 14& Under
Jade Wilkinson – No. 1 ranked for 18& Under
Jakub Neveril – Best Sportsmanship Award
Albert Berksoy – Most Improved Player
Lauren Fullerton – The Paul Howard Award

Jade Wilkinson was the top 18 and under player. (Photo by Martin Wilkinson)

The PwC Junior Circuit tournament is proudly sponsored by PwC and the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands (TFCI).  The series has 6 tournaments throughout the year that are hosted by The Cayman Islands Tennis Club and The Courts at the Ritz-Carlton.

The Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands thanked PwC for their continued support in sponsoring these tournaments, which they said provides a wonderful experience for the juniors. CITC officials said a high level of sportsmanship and effort was shown throughout the tournament. They also thanked J.R. and Peripheral Sunglasses for their new support of tennis in Cayman.

Rob Seward, Tournament Director, was very appreciative to the TFCI and PwC for their continued effort in growing tennis in Cayman. He said he hopes to maintain this ongoing relationship as long as possible. Seward was also very impressed with the juniors that he coaches individually; Phin Ellison, Jakub Neveril and Jake Booker, saying “I am proud of you guys!”

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