Dressed up fun at final training league show

Olivia Kluyver competed successfully for the first time in the 0.8m section on her horse ‘Shirley Temple’

The fourth and final leg of the Cayman Riding School Combined Training League took place last Sunday, 11 June, with perfect weather making it an ideal day out for both competitors and spectators at the riding facility on Hirst Road in Savannah.

Unlike other most other Equestrian competitions where horse and rider attempt just one equestrian discipline – the Combined Training Shows at CRS is a combination of a Dressage Test followed by a round of Show Jumping.

“Whilst this proves considerably more challenging, it does make for a more experienced and competent rider,” said Tracey Surrey, owner and riding instructor at Cayman Riding School.

She said because it was the last show of the season, it was decided to add a slight twist to the day and competitors and spectators were encouraged to participate in “Fancy Dress”.

“Whilst we have a lot of riders who want to compete, that is not our main focus,” said Surrey.

“Our riders have shown so much improvement. We thought if riders were able to dress up it would make it even more fun and help calm some of the nerves for those competing for the first time or those riders attempting a higher level of competition. At CRS, we feel it very important that we offer riding programs available to riders of all levels, but make it as much fun as possible,” she added.

With numerous riders successfully completing both the dressage and show jumping section at a significantly more difficult level than previously attempted, the show was an outstanding success and a reflection of all the hard work and training from the riders.

Results from the show are as follows:

Section B Dressage

1st                           Zara Dinspell-Powell riding Lucy

2nd                          Juliette Forrester riding Monty Carlo

3rd                          Megan Hislop riding Lilly

4th                          Arabella Bulmore riding Max

5th                          Melody Allenger riding Secret

6th                          Anabelle Hayden riding Princess


Arabella Bulmore was one of the youngest riders competing.

Section B – Combined Training

1st                           Juliette Forrester riding Monty Carlo

2nd                          Megan Hislop riding Lilly

3rd                          Arabella Bulmore riding Max

4th                           Anabelle Hayden riding Princess

5th                          Bella Finlay riding Flicka

6th                          Shar Dinspell-Powell riding Max


Section C Dressage

1st                           Stephanie Lloyd riding Joe

2nd                          Zara Dinspell-Powell riding Lucy

3rd                          Freya Timms riding Star

4th                          Olivia Kluyver riding Shirley

5th                          Melody Allenger riding Secret

6th                          Paula Daniels riding Tipper


Section C – Combined Training

 1st                           Stephanie Lloyd riding Joe

2nd                          Freya Timms riding Star

3rd                          Jardae Barnes riding Austin

4th                          Paula Daniels riding Tipper

5th                          Melody Allenger riding Secret


Section T3 Dressage

1st                           Stephanie Lloyd riding Rolex

2nd                          Juliette Forrester riding Apollo

3rd                          Kayla Godwin riding Harry

4th                          Eva Muspratt riding Oscar

5th                          Paula Daniels riding Second Kiss

Joint 6th                Jardae Barnes riding Austin

Joint 6th                Olivia Kluyver riding Shirley


Section T3 – Combined Training      

1st                           Juliette Forrester riding Apollo

2nd                          Stephanie Lloyd riding Rolex

3rd                          Eva Muspratt riding Oscar

4th                          Paula Daniels riding Second Kiss

5th                          Kayla Godwin riding Harry

6th                           Freya Timms riding Star


0.85m OPEN Jumping

1st                           Eva Muspratt riding Oscar

2nd                          Freya Timms riding Star

3rd                          Paula Daniels riding Second Kiss

4th                           Juliette Forrester riding Apollo

5th                          Stephanie Lloyd riding Rolex

6th                          Kayla Godwin riding Harry

7th                           Jardae Barnes riding Austin

8th                          Olivia Kluyver riding Shirley


For further details email Tracey Surrey at CaymanRidingSchool@gmail.com.


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