Going up! George Town SC wins promotion race

George Town Sports Club is returning to the Cayman Premier League one season after being relegated to the First Division.

The boys from the capital took the top spot in the CIFA First Division during the 2016-17 campaign after winning 11 of their 16 games, while getting three draws and losing only two games.

The end to the season was sort of anti-climactic, as George Town picked up three points from a forfeit against East End United. Nonetheless, they were pleased with the work put in during the season.

“We did very well, based on the results from last year. It was very humbling getting demoted to the First Division. It got us back on focus and made us see that we can’t just rely on our history. We have to put in the work; we have to train and we did what we had to get promoted,” said captain Ian Lindo.

Tex Whitelock

“The experience was an eye-opening one to come back and start from the ground up,” said Tex Whitelock, who led the team in scoring with 16 goals. “I think we have progressed to where we know what we have to do. We came and we conquered it and we’re now moving to our next phase which is to reclaim the top spot in the Premier League.”

Head coach Paul McField welcomed the opportunity to make the most of the unfortunate situation of being relegated at the end of last season.

“It was a good experience because we got some youths into our team. It was a learning experience that we went through that process and we’re back in the Premier League,” McField told CaymanSportsBuzz.com.

Like his players, the coach was optimistic about what lies ahead for the club, which has won the top league and FA Cup on numerous occasions since being formed in 1995. “We’re heading right back. You can expect some good stuff from us.”

Before returning to the top flight, there’s one more challenge – an attempt to win the FA Cup, a trophy they’ve held on multiple occasions. They have a tough first round challenge against this season’s Cayman Premier League champions, Bodden Town FC. That game is Sunday, 28 May, at 7:00 p.m. at the Annex.

Meantime, Cayman Brac FC finished second in the second tier league and will play either Sunset FC or Roma United in a playoff to determine who plays in the Premier League next season.

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